´Metamorphoses´,video still,2014,-incomplete expression more input is needed,El Aquellare,Berlin,DE


`Gold Rush´- a series of photographs, textwork and a golden site-specific installation  | grassroots artspace Chaosmos_/79Au  | Athens | October/November 2018
 by the Vandaloop collective.

A workshop on voice, sound and golden metamorphoses, a gathering for the screening of the movie Holy Mountain by the cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky (focusing on the spiritual dimension of alchemy/gold), sound interventions and a collective performance highlighting parts of the body with golden body-painting-in collaboration with Agis Tompros and Tzortzina Ntertini-, took place each once per week after the opening

´Arachne´: The metabolic monster', performance & photoshooting in collaboration with the photographer Marios Theologis, 2013, Athens, GR


'Bucovac Andromeda' in collaboration with the italian photographer Andrea Galad, 2015, Berlin, DE

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'ecofeminity gate': soft red sculpture made of glass wood and foam, 2014, public space

Performer: Evgenia Giannopoulou

Preparation of the installation, plastic blue trash bags, inside the catacombs, East Berlin, 2016 - M E G A S T R U C T U R E S co-creation with Hannes Schumacher and Evgenia Giannopoulou

'Transmutations' performance in public space with Sugano Matsusaki, Universität der Künste (UdK) Berlin, DE, 2017

'Transmutanzabend' performance & sound intervention, Kantine Kollman, 2017, Berlin, DE- in collaboration with Sugano Matsusaki, Eduardo Ulisse, Alessio Occhiodoro, Lenz Steinmüller, Jannick Mäntele, Axel Köcher

To teach without talking. To be useful without acting. The Blue Octopus.


Site - spesific group exhibition by the Vandaloop collective, audio-visual-light installations, catacombs, former GDR premises, East Berlin, June 2016

Taking inspiration from the prehistoric rituals in
caves, this exhibition connects myth and contemporary
culture. Poetics and mysticism in caves – a disorientating
feeling, but also condition for the process of selfquestioning
and revealing of an “answer” ultimately
through the encounter with the “oracle” – is echoed in
a contemporary environment. This exhibition invited
the visitors inserting themselves into an ongoing process of
becoming, transferred in today’s context so as to meet
their 'contemporary oracle'- Vandaloop Collective

Installation view, catacombes, Berlin, 2016

View of audio-visual installation, catacombes, Berlin, 2016

Cinematic enigma in the bathroom, 2017, UdK, Berlin, DE with Sugano Matsusaki

'Abschmücken', performance & sound intervention, Salon Schmück, 2017, Berlin, DE
'Imagined homes' 6th Thessaloniki Bienalle of contemporary art, performance with Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou,2017,GR

"convex in the hollow": interactive calligraphy performance followed by tea ceremony with the artist Sugano Matsukaki

Trash Temple 

A site - spesific large-scale installation co - created by the Vandaloop collective inside the grass root art space Chaosmos_/ 79Au, Athens 2019

Collective performance - public intervention at Exarcheia square

- with Hannes Schumacher, Evgenia Giannopoulou Katerina Rotoli Katarzyna Wojtczak  Małgosia Suś

photos :@katerina tsidi


Trash Temple  is a  site - spesific large-scale installation  that is built collectively, with 8.000 golden  empty beer cans of a Greek brand, found and collected from the streets in the culturally diverse neighbourhood of Exarcheia in Athens.  Trash Temple is a contemporary urban temple, a great manifestation of hybridity and the oxymoron that out of the dirtiest trash 'gold' can be created. The project is inspired by ancient and medieval alchemy which, famously, had the ambition to create gold out of minor elements. As the philosopher and ethnobotanist Terence McKenna suggests, this "quest for gold" is, however, not to be understood literally but metaphorically, as a quest to purify spiritually. The hybrid installation, inspired by Maya's arcitecture, resemble hybrid monsters one can find in the myths and legends around the world. While these myths describe these hybrids as terrible and ugly, their golden colour in our installations re-conceptualizes hybridity as beauty and, thus, unfolds a political dimension that embraces cultural hybridity; something that is intensively felt in this particular community and neighbourhood where people from different cultural and social backgrounds try to coexist.