´Metamorphoses´,video still,2014,-incomplete expression more input is needed,El Aquellare,Berlin,DE


`Gold Rush´- a series of photographs, textwork and a golden site-specific installation  | grassroots artspace Chaosmos_/79Au  | Athens | October/November 2018
 by the Vandaloop collective.

A workshop on voice, sound and golden metamorphoses, a gathering for the screening of the movie Holy Mountain by the cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky (focusing on the spiritual dimension of alchemy/gold), sound interventions and a collective performance highlighting parts of the body with golden body-painting-in collaboration with Agis Tompros and Tzortzina Ntertini-, took place each once per week after the opening

´Arachne´: The metabolic monster', performance & photoshooting in collaboration with the photographer Marios Theologis, 2013, Athens, GR


'Bucovac Andromeda' in collaboration with the italian photographer Andrea Galad, 2015, Berlin, DE

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'ecofeminity gate': soft red sculpture made of glass wood and foam, 2014, public space

Performer: Evgenia Giannopoulou

Preparation of the installation, plastic blue trash bags, inside the catacombs, East Berlin, 2016 - M E G A S T R U C T U R E S co-creation with Hannes Schumacher and Evgenia Giannopoulou

'Transmutations' performance in public space with Sugano Matsusaki, Universität der Künste (UdK) Berlin, DE, 2017

'Transmutanzabend' performance & sound intervention, Kantine Kollman, 2017, Berlin, DE- in collaboration with Sugano Matsusaki, Eduardo Ulisse, Alessio Occhiodoro, Lenz Steinmüller, Jannick Mäntele, Axel Köcher

To teach without talking. To be useful without acting. The Blue Octopus.


Site - spesific group exhibition by the Vandaloop collective, audio-visual-light installations, catacombs, former GDR premises, East Berlin, June 2016

Taking inspiration from the prehistoric rituals in
caves, this exhibition connects myth and contemporary
culture. Poetics and mysticism in caves – a disorientating
feeling, but also condition for the process of selfquestioning
and revealing of an “answer” ultimately
through the encounter with the “oracle” – is echoed in
a contemporary environment. This exhibition invited
the visitors inserting themselves into an ongoing process of
becoming, transferred in today’s context so as to meet
their 'contemporary oracle'- Vandaloop Collective

Installation view, catacombes, Berlin, 2016

View of audio-visual installation, catacombes, Berlin, 2016

Cinematic enigma in the bathroom, 2017, UdK, Berlin, DE with Sugano Matsusaki

'Abschmücken', performance & sound intervention, Salon Schmück, 2017, Berlin, DE
'Imagined homes' 6th Thessaloniki Bienalle of contemporary art, performance with Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou,2017,GR