Participation at the Traverse video and publication, Toulouse, FR                                                          read review: https://traverse-video.org/catalogue_2015/catalogue_2015.html#p=29


The Interplay-Zwischenspiel

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The "Zwieschenspiel" explores the interplay between the invisible and the visible, the private and the public, the internal and the external. All the images are distorted representations of everyday figures and spaces, inventing new contexts and creating bizarre new worlds.

love & politics
public program Athens, East London, Berlin … | 2018-2020 organized by Evgenia Giannopoulou in collaboration with Hannes Schumacher, Katerina Rotoli and Freigeist Verlag

love & politics is a nomadic public program which takes the form of a sequel of sessions.

In September 2018, the Berlin-based publishing house Freigeist Verlag released a collective book on the topic ‘love & politics’ titled homonymously. (http://freigeist-verlag.net/en/buecher/love-politics/) edited by Evgenia Giannopoulou & Hannes Schumacher

Participation in the sound workshop `The failure in the music industry´ at Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, 2016, Oslo, Norway.

Curated by Therese Frisk and  Lykourgos Porfyris-AntiPlay Boy Label

herese Frisk and AntiPlay Boy the Label present
Contemporary Composers Vol. 2

“I feel like I am back in kindergarten”, thus said Kristina Kristidakis during the workshop Failing in Music Industries: a professionalization course.

Contemporary Composers vol. 2 is a cassette compilation of joyful and uncanny sound/music tracks developed through a 2 days’ workshop. In a safe environment, 10 artists had been called to question and to be questioned: What is the difference between sound, music and noise, what sounds can be produced by their bodies, what can be perceived as sound art? Can we visualize sound without notes or waveforms?
The most interesting part was that those questions had never been answered and the most important part was that they had never been asked.

The result of this mess?
Songs, hymns, personal myths, storytelling, spoken word, sound experiments, choir conductions, or just noise compositions.


released April 6, 2017

Photos of the Cassette by Daniel Hansen